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The main application menu is located at the top of the logbook screen.





_bm3 Data Connection

Logbook database connection settings.

_bm3 Import

Import flight, aircraft, and airport records into your logbook.

_bm3 Export

Export resume, flight, aircraft, airport records from your logbook in several formats including .csv, .dat, and .txt.

_bm3 Log Files

View import and export activity.

_bm3 Exit

Ends the application.



_bm3 Airports

Maintain airport records.

_bm3 Aircraft

Maintain aircraft, make & model, and type rating records.

_bm3 Users (Multi-User)

Maintain AirLog users.

_bm3 Organization Information (Multi-User)


Maintain organization information.



_bm3 Pilot Information

User information maintenance for current logged in user.

_bm3 Certificates & Ratings

Certificate & rating maintenance for the current logged in user.

_bm3 Medicals

Medical record maintenance for the current logged in user.

_bm3 Reviews

Review maintenance for the current logged in user.

_bm3 Currency Requirements

Currency requirement maintenance for the current logged in user.



      _bm3 Listings

            Users can view available airports, aircraft, and aircraft makes & models.

      _bm3 Time In

            Various time reports for the current logged in user to view.

      _bm3 Landings By Airport Class

            Landing report for users.

      _bm3 Time As

            Report that breaks down how time was logged.

      _bm3 Logbook

            User's logbook.

      _bm3 Totals

            Totals report.

      _bm3 8710 Summary

            8710 summary for the current logged in user.

      _bm3 Print Resume

            Prints the curren user's resume directly to the printer.



       Graph representations of various reports.

      _bm3 Time In

      _bm3 Landings By Airport Class

      _bm3 Time As



      _bm3 Date Range

            Controls any date limitations for the current user to print reports and graphs by.

      _bm3 Options

            User's logbook settings.



      _bm3 Contents

            Help contents.

      _bm3 Index

            Help index.

      _bm3 Tip Of The Day

            View random tips of the day.

      _bm3 About AirLog

            Application version information and registration screen.