Data Connection

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You must establish a connection to a database before you can use your pilot logbook. AirLog comes packaged with a default MS Access database.


When starting AirLog for the first time, you will be prompted by the data connection screen (with the default database information already entered). To use the default database that comes packaged with AirLog, simply click the "Test Connection" button to make sure the default settings that are entered are correct, then click the "OK" button.




Default Access Database Settings

Database: Access

Name: AirLog

Path: X:\Your Application Installation Directory\Data\ ("C:\Program Files\AirLog\Data\")

Username: Admin

Password: (Leave Blank)


Advanced users can configure the connection in several different ways. Simply change the name, path, username, and/or password to reflect any name or path changes you may wish to make to your database.




Before you try to connect to your MySQL server, make sure you have the proper drivers installed to make the connection (downloads and more info can be found at Select "MySQL" from the database drop-down box and enter the settings required to connect. Next, click the "Test Connection" button to confirm your connection. When you succeed at creating your connection to the MySQL server, you will be prompted to create your database. Select "Yes" and AirLog will automatically create your MySQL database.


If you wish to create your MySQL database manually, you can create the database and run the included airlog.sql file (found in the AirLog application directory "\Program Files\AirLogNet\airlog.sql") then run the application and enter your MySQL settings and test your connection. NOTE: Anytime you change the data connection settings (after the initial setup) you must restart AirLog.


When you have successfully configured your database connection and clicked "OK", you are ready to setup your logbook with the Quick Start Wizard.