Quick Start Wizard

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Setting Up Your Logbook With The Quick Start Wizard


After you have established your data connection, the AirLog Quick Start Wizard will guide you through the process of quickly and easily setting up your AirLog database for the first time. The items listed to the left are the items that must be completed in order to begin using AirLog. You will be stepped through them starting with airports. At any time, you can go back to a previous item by using the ""Back"" button or you may edit them later using the application's main menu.


If you wish to use your data from a previous version of AirLog, click the ""Convert"" button on the wizard screen to automatically convert your previous database. This will allow you to skip the AirLog Quick Start Wizard and automatically import your previous data.


NOTE: To register before continuing, simply select "Help->About AirLog..." from the main application menu at the top of the wizard screen and enter iyour user id and unlock code.


To start the wizard, click "Begin" to and simply follow the on screen instructions to enter your data.


When you have completed the wizard, you are ready to begin logging your time!