Getting Started With AirLog

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Steps in setting up a full installation of AirLog Pilot Logbook.




To begin with, you need to acquire a copy of AirLog. To download the latest version of AirLog for purchase or trial, use your browser to navigate to the AirLog website ( and navigate to the download section. AirLog comes with a default MS Access database but if you plan to use AirLog with MySQL, you will also need to make sure you have a MySQL database and the proper drivers. More information on obtaining and installing the MySQL database and drivers can be found on the website above.




To install the AirLog Pilot Logbook software, follow the instructions below.


1. Make sure you have an unzip utility such as WinZip to unarchive the setup files. Locate the downloaded .zip file on your hard drive and extract the setup files to a folder.


2. Find the AirLog ".zip" file you downloaded and extract the files by right clicking on it and selecting "Extract to folder..." (or the equivalent).


3. After Winzip has extracted all the setup files, go to that folder and run the "setup.exe" file. The installation program will take you through the steps of installing AirLog and registering the necessary components on your machine.


Network Installation


Follow the steps above on your serving computer. Install the AirLog dependency setup on each computer you wish to run AirLog on.



Once you have completed installing AirLog, you are ready to set up your logbook data connection.


Be sure to check the website for any updates to this information.