Ordering and Registration Benefits

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Registration Benefits


All registered AirLog users receive...


_bm3 Fully enabled version of AirLog Pilot Logbook with no flight record limitations.

_bm3 All Minor version upgrades and revisions free.

_bm3 Special major upgrade price (when new versions are released)

_bm3 Free Palm OS companion software.

_bm3 Priority email support.

_bm3 Regular information updates.


Secure Online Ordering


To order your copy of AirLog Pilot Logbook for Windows, simply visit our secure order page at http://www.airlogsoftware.com/order.html. You can select "Help -> About AirLog..." from the main application menu to order from the "About" screen. Click the "Secure Online Ordering" button in the center of the about screen to launch your default web browser to the AirLog web site.




Entering Your Registration Code


Once you have ordered AirLog, you will need to enter the registration information you received by email or phone. To enter your registration information, click "Help -> About AirLog..." from the main application menu. When you get to the "About" screen, click the "Enter Unlock Code" button in the lower right corner of the about screen (just above the "OK" button). When you are prompted by the "Registration Information" dialog box, enter your registration information EXACTLY as you received it and click the "Unlock" button.