AirLog Features

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AirLog Pilot Logbook features...


_bm3 User Definable Database

                      _bm3 Tracking for Unlimited Aircraft

                      _bm3 Auto Log Entry Assistance

                      _bm3 Graphing and Currency Tracking

                      _bm3 Date Driven Reports and Graphs

                      _bm3 User Defined Currency Requirements

                      _bm3 Unlimited Flight Comments

                      _bm3 Import/Export .csv, .dat, .txt, .html

                      _bm3 Instant Pilot Resume

                      _bm3 Multi-User

                      _bm3 Palm OS Support

                      …and much much more!


User Defined Database

AirLog gives you the option to use a MySQL database server or an MS Access database.

Quick Start Wizard

The quick start wizard will help you set up AirLog and begin logging your flight time in minutes. The wizard guides you through each item that must be completed in order to begin using your logbook in the order they must be entered.

Track Unlimited Aircraft

AirLog allows you to track and maintain as many aircraft as you want, no matter how frequently you use them. By storing characteristics of each aircraft separately, you don't have to enter this information with each flight. If a change needs to be made to the characteristics of an aircraft, simply make the change to the aircraft record and all reports and graphs will reflect the changes.

Currency Tracking

AirLog allows you to define your specific currency requirements. The main interface displays color coded status messages for your medicals, flight reviews, day and night VFR currency, IFR currency and last flight.

Accurate Data Analysis

AirLog helps you accurately track all aspects of your flying carreer with complete reports, graphs, and user defined currency tracking. View your flight time with breakdowns including time by classification, aircraft, make, model, category, power and landings by airport class.


Import your flight records from other software or export from your logbook in popular formats such as .dat, .txt, .csv, and .html.

Complete Reporting and Graphs

You can generate graphs and reports including all records or only records within a certain date range.

Instant Resume and Statistics

Instantly generate pilot resumes and complete logbook statistics anytime to print or post online.

Multiple Users

Multi-user licenses available.

Palm OS Support

AirLog Pilot Logbook supports Palm OS.  Enter your time in the companion Palm software while away and upload to AirLog at a later time.